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“Learn How to Live More Effectively with Attention Deficit Disorder from Leading Experts at YOUR own Comfort & Convenience!”

ADD Audio Classes

    • The ABC’s of ADD
    • Acceptance is Empowering
    • ADD and the Spirit
    • ADD Friendly Writing
    • The ADD / ADHD Guide to Technology
    • ADD / ADHD Work and You
    • ADD Teens – Making the Grade in School
    • ADDvocating Your Way through the Adult ADD Maze
    • Adult ADD and Money Management
    • The Adult ADD / ADHD Guide to Focus, Clarity, and Motivation
    • Adult ADHD and Building Self-Esteem
    • Adult ADHD and Hyperfocus
    • Adult ADD / ADHD Organizing Solutions
    • Adult ADHD and Social Success
    • ADHD, Anxiety, and Worry
    • The ADHD Effect on Marriage
    • ADHD and Exercise

      • ADHD Medication Answers
      • ADHD and Mindfulness
      • ADHD & Punctuality : Even You can Learn to be On-Time
      • ADHD Project Time
      • The ADHD Trifecta: Creating Motivation toward Action
      • Advocacy and ADD / ADHD
      • All About ADD / ADHD Coaching
      • Applying the Science of Time Management
      • Ask Me Anything about Adult ADD / ADHD
      • Ask the Experts about Procrastination, Productivity and Persistence
      • Balancing Act: How to achieve balance in your life with ADD / ADHD
      • Becoming Focused, Aware and Self-Directed
      • Behaviors and Attention Deficit Disorder
      • The Best Non-Medication Treatments for ADHD
      • Beyond Medication: Evidence Based Non-Medical Care for ADHD
      • The Biology of ADD / ADHD
      • Boost Your Productivity with ADD / ADHD Brain Scaffolding
      • Break Through the Cycle of Procrastination and Overwhelm
      • Calming the Caveman to Engage the Thinker
      • Clearing  Energetic ADHD Blocks for Success
      • Coach Yourself to Success
      • Communicating with Your ADD Spouse or Partner
      • Conquering the Patterns of Procrastination

Featured Instructors

Dr. Ari Tuckman

Tara McGillicuddy

Dr.Stephanie Sarkis

Dr. John Ratey

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Dr. Edward Hallowell

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    • Controlling Your Finances
    • Coping Mechanisms for Adults with ADHD
    • Creative Living: A License to be YOU with ADHD
    • Crush Procrastination by Balancing 3 Key Brain Systems
    • Daily Routines for Life Long Success
    • Dealing with Distractions
    • Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction
    • Decision Making: Can’t you just make up your mind?
    • Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Now What??
    • The Disorganized Mind
    • Divide and Conquer: How to Cut Projects Into Manageable Pieces
    • Eating Disorders and ADD / ADHD
    • Embracing Imperfection
    • Empowering Youth with ADD /ADHD
    • Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD / ADHD
    • An Evening Out with ADHD 
    • Everything You Wanted to Know About ADD / ADHD But Forgot to Ask
    • Expert Answers to Organizing, Prioritizing and Focusing
    • Expert Answers to Motivation, Productivity and Success
    • Failure – How to Succeed at It

Featured Instructors

Melissa Orlov

Laura Rolands

Dr. Roberto Olivardia

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Linda Hillger

Header 1 / 4

Terry Matlen

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    • Fidget to Focus
    • Find More Time: Death to Time Vampires
    • Finding a Career That Works with AD/HD
    • 5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home & School
    • Focusing at Work: Pay Attention in a Chaotic World
    • From De-Motivated to Motivated
    • From Overwhelmed to Control!
    • Fundamental Strategies to Overcome Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity
    • Get More Done, Even with ADD / ADHD
    • Get Unstuck with Mind Mapping
    • Getting from Point A to Point B
    • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Despite your ADD
    • Getting Started
    • Getting through the Day with ADD / ADHD
    • Getting Your Kids Organized for School
    • The Gifts of ADD
    • Got Time? Productivity Through Time Management
    • Grab the Reins: ADHD is an Explanation, Not an Excuse
    • Have ADHD and Out of Work?
    • Have You Reached Your ADHD Tipping Point?
    • Help for Mixed-ADHD Couples
    • Hey, Mom where’s my Stuff?

Featured Instructors

Alan Brown

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Nancy Ratey

Header 1 / 2

Jennifer Koretsky

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Dr. Mark Bertin

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Laurie Dupar

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    • The Hidden Gifts of Clutter 
    • How the ADHD Brain Works: Strategies for Executive Function Weaknesses
    • How to Conquer Overwhelm and Reduce Stress with Adult ADD / ADHD
    • How to Find the Right Help and Support For ADD / ADHD
    • How to Get Unstuck and Get things Done
    • How to Make *Life* Stimulating
    • How to Arm your Child with ADD / ADHD for the Road Ahead
    • How to Skate Through the Holidays
    • How to Thrive in Marriage with ADHD
    • I Have ADD, Do I Have to be Disorganized Too?
    • A Holistic Approach to ADD | ADHD: How to Thrive!
    • The Imperfect Guide to Starting an ADD Support Group
    • Introduction for Entrepreneurs with ADD / ADHD
    • Introduction to ADD / ADHD
    • Introduction to Time Management
    • It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys
    • The Keys Motivation, Momentum, and Success
    • Late Again?
    • Learning Life Balance
    • Live your Life with Purpose & Passion
    • Living with an ADD / ADHD Partner 101

Sari Solden

Dr. David Nowell

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Ariane Benefit

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Dr. Geri Markel

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David Giwerc

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    • Make Changes that Last
    • Making Peace with ADD / ADHD
    • The Maverick Approach to ADD Management
    • Meditation and Adult ADD
    • Money Management: How to Eliminate Debt and Save
    • Money Matters: Help for the Fiscally Disorganized
    • Moving On – Life After an ADD / ADHD Diagnosis
    • Navigating ADD / ADHD
    • Neat & Simple Organizing Strategies
    • Neuroscience and ADD / ADHD: New Discoveries – Brain, Meds and Neuroscience
    • Now You Tell Me?!’ – How To Survive the Tornado of Regret, Anger, and Sadness of Being Diagnosed in Adulthood
    • Organize IEP/504 Notebooks
    • Organized and In Control: Systems That Save Time and Reduce Stress
    • Organized at Work
    • Organizing for ADHD Parents
    • Organizing Tips and Strategies for Adults with ADD / ADD
    • Organizing Your Technology to Manage Your ADD / ADHD Family
    • Overcome the Triple Threat: ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression
    • Overcoming Anger and Frustration Relationships Affected by ADD / ADHD

Dana Rayburn

Robert Tudisco

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

Sheri Hall

Dr. Charles Parker

    • Overcoming the Chronic Overwhelm Associated with ADD / ADHD
    • OVERWHELMED! 8 Techniques to Break through the Paralysis
    • Quantum Productivity Strategies for ADHD
    • Parenting Children with ADD/ ADHD
    • Parenting Strategies: When Both You & Your Child Have ADD / ADHD
    • Parenting Essentials: ADD / ADHD Or Not
    • Parenting with Distractions
    • Parents, Children and ADD / ADHD – Getting Families Back on Track
    • The Perfectionism Battle
    • Plan for Success at College
    • Play: The Best Non-Medication Treatment for ADHD
    • Power & Control Dynamics in ADD/ADHD Relationships
    • Practical Strategies for Setting Priorities
    • Procrastination Answers and Solutions
    • Procrastination Strategies for the Real World
    • Productivity 2.0. Getting Things Done with ADD/ ADHD
    • Pushing Through Procrastination
    • Raising Successful Happy Kids with ADD
    • Reading Between the Lines: Social Skills Challenges of ADHD
    • The Real ABCs of Prioritizing – Anticipation, Blocks, & Consequences
    • Real Motivation for Real Change!

Dr. Kirsten Milliken

Dr Kenny Handelman

Becca Colao

Dr. Patricia Quinn

Eric Tivers

      • Relationship Balance When One Person Has ADD /ADHD
      • The Relationship Between Sleep and ADD / ADHD
      • Recharge, Renew, Refresh
      • Removing Relationship Roadblocks
      • Rituals to Change Habits
      • The Routines of Life
      • Ruling Your Mind’s Voice: Keys to Motivation, Self-Esteem and Success
      • Scared No More – Enjoy Your Next Family Meeting
      • Self-Coaching for ADD / ADHD: Gain focus, Manage time and Pay Attention
      • Setting Goals With ADD / ADHD May Be Setting You Back!
      • Setting Up Systems That Work
      • Simplifying Your Life: Strategies that really work for people with ADD / ADHD
      • Social Skills Strategies for Adults with ADD / ADD
      • Solutions for Chronic Disorganization and Overwhelm
      • Steps to Making Lasting Change When You Have Adult ADD / ADHD
      • Stages – What to Expect after and ADD / ADHD Diagnosis
      • Strategies for Inattentive ADD / ADHD
      • Strategies to Conquer Clutter and Create Control

Rick Green

Bonnie Mincu

Casey Dixon

Lynne Edris

Jay Carter

    • A Stronger Mindset for Life’s Challenges
    • Stress Relief through Mindfulness
    • SuperCharge your Productivity with Technology
    • Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD
    • Take Control of Your Day
    • Take Control of Your Time
    • Taming the To-Do List with Effective Prioritizing
    • 30 Tips That Just Might Change Your Life
    • Time for Summer Planning
    • Time Management and ADD / ADHD: Ten Time Management Rules
    • Time Management Answers for Adults with ADD / ADHD
    • Time Management: Juggling the Invisible
    • Time Management Strategies
    • Time and Task Management for Adults with ADD /ADHD
    • Tips for Getting Back on Track
    • Tips to Overcoming Financial Challenges with ADD / ADHD
    • To Tell or Not to Tell: Self-Disclosure, Relationships, and Self-Esteem
    • The Top Three ADD / ADHD Medication Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
    • Understand Your Brain, Get More Done
    • Understanding the Core Principles of Success for Adults with ADD
    • Understanding the Science of Time Mangemement
    • Why Am I Getting Stuck?
    • Why Not to Get Organized
    • Zen and the Acceptance of ADD / ADHD

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